Money Transfer

Whether you want to save for your vacation, Support your family or pay your bills in Morocco, You can always count on Chaabi Bank to provide the best possible exchange rate in a fast and secure way.

We currently provide two ways to transfer money to Morocco either by presenting yourself to our London Branch and by using our transfer order form.

We need the following information and documents from you: 

  • Fill in the request form (download here)
  • A copy of your ID and Proof of Address (you will need to present personally your original ID and the proof of address to the staff of the branch)

Please send the completed form along with your ID+Proof of address to the following email address:

After receiving the funds and the necessary documents, We will carry out the transfer immediately and the money would be in the beneficiary’s account usually within 24 hours.


Please note that for customers wishing to send more than 2.000 GBP, please do contact the branch before proceeding with the transfer. The branch can be contacted via phone +44 (0)20 72 58 31 50 or via e-mail

Chaabi Bank does not accept cash deposits into the Chaabi Bank Account at Barclays Bank.